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Fitness & Nutrition Programs

Fitness & Nutrition Programs

Ready to change your life?

When it comes to your health and wellness we strive to provide exercise and nutrition programs designed to help you thrive, or meet your utmost potential through evidence-based proven techniques and education, and fun and engaging activities.

Everyone starts somewhere. 
Our fitness & nutrition programs are designed to meet you where you are.  Whether you are trying to eat healthier, lose weight, build muscle or just get active, we have the program for you!

The programs are open to everyone (public welcome!).

Get Fit For Life‌ | Set Goals and Achieve them with 1-on-1 Professional Guidance

Having trouble with weight loss,  building muscle, or just staying active? We understand. With every new diet or exercise trend it becomes more and more difficult to choose a smart plan and stick to it. We are here to help you make 2017 the year you make positive changes and Get Fit for Life!
    • Pre and Post Fitness Assessments
    • 8 (30-minute) sessions with either a Personal Trainer who will help you set personalized and realistic goals.
    • 8-weeks full access to 121 Fitness, including 80+ group exercise classes, free parking, free daily lockers and towels, dry sauna access, and more!
    • Weekly newsletter with recipes, workout ideas, time management tips, motivation, and more.
    • Weekly prizes, challenges and incentives to encourage you for success.

  Begins the week of March 20th, 2017! Register here!


Couch to Confidence‌ | Exercise Program for Beginners!

(8) 45-min. small group classes held once a week at 121 Fitness Center. This small group program designed to help you feel comfortable and confident with a variety of different workouts. Along with other beginners, you will learn how to exercise safely and effectively to reach your goals while discovering activities you enjoy!
    • Each class will introduce you to a different activity, including cardio and machine weight equipment, Yoga, Cycle, Muscle Conditioning, and more.
    • Classes are designed for the beginner and we will review safety, machine set up, proper intensity and repetitions, and more.
    • Discounted personal training and nutrition sessions for even greater guidance and success!
    • FREE access to 121 Fitness for 8-weeks for non-members.

Begins the week of March 20th! Register here!


Get Fit together | 8-Week Exercise & Nutrition Seminar Series

Join us in a group seminar setting where we will cover exercise and nutrition basics to improve any eating plan and be more active in a safe and effective manner.

    • (8) group classes held once a week starting Mid-March.  Room will be on the CWRU Quad - TBA
    • Each class will introduce you to different exercise and nutrition topics
    • Receive healthy recipes and exercise tips
    • Field trip to 121 Fitness Center to learn safe & effective exercise techniques
    • Have all your exercise and nutrition questions answered to help you start 2017 off on the right (and healthy) foot!

Begins the week of March 20th!   Register here!